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Wooden 3D Puzzle Mechanical Model Kit for Teens & Adults to Build Colored Family Gift

A fresh look at modeling.
The smell of fresh cut wood and the satisfaction of assembling a working piece of art is fun entertainment. This is a wooden mechanical model that will not only decorate the desktop, but provide a sense of accomplishment.
Collecting Limited Edition models brings anticipation of assembly, satisfaction of completion, and the joy of play.
This 3d puzzle is assembled without glue or the need for additional tools.
Everything is provided in a premium wooden box with a magnetic clasp. This multipurpose box serves as a podium for your assembled model as well as storage for your prized possessions.
- The vivid color elements are provided by high-precision UV printer (EN71 certified)
- Clear instructions in eight languages;
- Collector's Series;
- Produced in Europe (Poland);
- The box and packaging are assembled by hand.

The wild blue yonder calls! An aviation classic, our BIPLANE is a wood craft model with a rubber band-driven motor, wheels, and a spinning propeller! Set out on your own Indiana Jones adventure! With your own BIPLANE by Wooden.City, it's easy to imagine yourself flying through the air, fleeing from pursuers with your father’s diary, just like in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. If you're a romantic, then follow in the footsteps of French writer and aviation pioneer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in your biplane. Meet his famous character, The Little Prince, and teach him how to fix the plane. By the way, at the former Aéropostale stopover airfield southwest Moroccan city of Tarfaya, there is a little museum with a special biplane monument just outside of it, both dedicated to Saint-Exupéry. The BIPLANE is not difficult to assemble, and you can build it with your child. Playing together is more fun! The BIPLANE model has a rubber-band driven propeller with adjustable acceleration. Its blades spin and the plane quickly accelerates on a flat surface! Enjoy yourself! The controls of this special plane are in your hands!

Packing size: 183 x 128 x 44 mm | 7.2 x 5.03 x 1.73 in
Model size: 161 x 140 x 88 mm | 6.33 x 5.51 x 3.46 in
Weight: 0.6 kg | 1.32 lb