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Wooden Puzzle Running Wolf 500 Pieces

Wooden Puzzle

Size - 20,5 x 14,75 in
500 pcs (50 unique)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our uniquely crafted Wooden Puzzles, a hidden treasure trove brimming with entertainment, excitement, and knowledge, ready for you to uncover its enigmas. Comprising of meticulously fashioned 500 pieces, each puzzle offers you a satisfying experience that challenges your patience and ingenuity to unprecedented levels. Crafted with expertise and precision within the European Union, our puzzles uphold the highest standards of quality and sustainability. The wooden components not only show kindness to the environment but also exhibit durability, ensuring enduring utility and reliability. Every piece has been meticulously shaped to fit seamlessly, providing a assembling process that is flawless and gratifying. Among the array of puzzle pieces, you'll stumble upon 50 distinctively shaped animal pieces, adding an extra touch of marvel and delight. These intricately designed pieces aim to spark curiosity and foster a fondness for nature, thereby enhancing the joy and gratification of your puzzle-solving journey.

Upon completion, the puzzle unveils an unconventional shape that pays homage to its distinctive design. It deviates from the usual square or rectangular form, presenting you with a visually stunning and remarkable work of art that is bound to initiate conversations. Our Wooden Puzzles are perfect for enthusiasts who crave a challenging hobby. They also serve as an exceptional choice for families seeking interactive endeavors that promote teamwork and hone problem-solving abilities. Individuals passionate about wildlife and nature will especially relish identifying and connecting the animal-shaped segments.

In summary, these puzzles cater perfectly to all age groups, delivering a fusion of enjoyable, educational, and satisfying moments. Bask in the joy of completing our Wooden Puzzles today!

Certificates 8+ (USA, Canada, EU)
CE, EN-71,
Conforms to ASTM D-4236