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Olive Wood Chess Board Handmade

Check out our Sqaure Chess Board Set, handmade with care from high-quality Olive Wood. Each piece reflects dedication and tradition, ensuring a game experience like no other. Please note, due to their hand-carved nature, the chess pieces may show minor imperfections, adding to their unique charm.

This handmade set isn't just a game; it's art. Ideal for both beginners and chess enthusiasts. With the free personalization option, this set can make a special gift that will last for ages.
Make your move and add a touch of nature to your game nights

Kindly check the dimensions carefully when finalizing your order.

From now on, we are engaged with "TREES FOR THE FUTURE" in the planting of a tree for each order ! Get your favorite handmade product now and take part of our big tree-planting campaign.

🔍Available Dimensions:
❖ The full board Square :
1- 22cm x 22cm (8.6 Inch x 8.6 Inch) ±10%
2- 30cm x 30cm (11.8 Inch x 11.8 Inch) ±10%
3- 42cm x 42cm (16.5 Inch x 16.5 Inch) ±10%
❖ The playing area:
1- 15cm x 15cm (5.9"× 5.9") ±5%
2- 20cm x 20cm (7.8"× 7.8") ±5%
3- 32cm x 32cm (12.6"× 12.6") ±5%

These are made from trees, so they are imperfect and vary slightly in size.


❖ Brand: ArtisRaw® (registered trademark).
❖ Handmade in Tunisia
❖ Each piece is hand carved by skilled artisans from natural olive wood..
❖ Material: Tunisian Olive Wood, derived from Chemlali olive trees variety (darker than other varieties) .
❖Wood Characteristics: Very hard and strong. Olive Wood is durable and moisture-resistant hardwood. Will last you a lifetime!
❖ Colour: Deep brown with strong oil-like grain pattern. Naturally darkens with use. As a natural product, color may vary from listing photos.
❖ Grain & Texture: Our olive wood is very rich with beautiful and strong grain character. Grain and colour can vary as each piece is unique.

✅ Contact with food: All our products are food safe. Olive Wood does not absorb liquids, bad odours or colours.
✅ Sustainable: We use wood from very old trees that have stopped fruiting and have been replaced with younger productive trees.
✅Ethical: Our talented artisans are not only paid fairly but we are also helping them improve their skills, increase standards of living and create secure and sustainable livelihoods for future generations.
✅ Moisture content: We dry out olive wood properly so it won't crack or bend over the time. Our moisture meters are always in use.
✅ Coating and Finish: We only sand our products to a smooth finish then wipe them with ArtisRaw Wood Beeswax.

Wash in warm water with regular soap. If it ever looks dry, use pure olive oil or ArtisRAw Wood Beeswax. Just a little dab on a paper towel will be plenty.
Do not soak in water and do not wash in the dishwasher.
Do not expose to heat or sunshine.