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Puzzle 3D "Buggy Limited Edition" DIY Wooden Model Kits For Adults To Build Cars - 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults Brain Teaser - Car Kit

"Before we ever learned to drive, we started with model cars.
We helped dad tinker around with the old jeep, passing over tools and craning our necks just to see under the hood. We lived for afternoon rides and long road trips and fawned over sports cars in mall parking lots.
But even if you can’t call yourself a gearhead, cars are still masterpieces of manufacturing. Whether you want to relive the nostalgia of being with dad in the garage or just revel in the satisfaction of working with your hands, model kits are a fun, productive hobby anyone can get behind.
If you’ve always wanted to dabble in model cars or 3D puzzles, then you have to try the latest Wooden.City Buggy Limited Edition!
Unbox a work of art and engineering in this limited-edition model of a rugged dune buggy! You’ll get 4 tiles holding all the numbered pieces, rubber elastics, and a detailed instruction manual translated into 8 languages, all in a premium wooden box that you can transform into a custom display stand.
This wooden model car is made of 140 pieces. But once assembled, it’s a thing of beauty. Every single feature is meticulously crafted, from the big wheels down to the shock absorbers and the detailed car seats! It moves with a rubber-band motor, so wind it up and watch it go.
Designed for adults and kids ages 14 and up, build it alone or finish it with friends. Wooden.City model kits make wonderful gifts for young car enthusiasts and future engineers!
Here are more excellent reasons to take this 3D wooden puzzle home:
☘️ We’ll replace missing parts and broken pieces for free
✔ Intricate, realistic wooden scale models
⚙ Assembled model: 15.1х8.7х5.9
⌚️ Assembly time: 3 hours
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