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Steampunk Mechanical Clock Making Kit - Decorative Wall Clocks 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults

If you love elaborate 3D puzzles, here’s a treat for you.
Jigsaw puzzles are fun–but mechanical puzzles can be amazing! Nothing beats the visceral satisfaction of getting parts and pieces to fit together perfectly.
Turn back time with Steampunk Wall Clock from Wooden.City!
This sophisticated 3D puzzle set turns into a charming, painted steampunk clock with a pendulum that will sit beautifully on any wall. The build is filled with exquisite details.
This functional art piece with 269 parts will take you about 5 hours to assemble. And from each wooden gear to the delicate clock hands, everything will have been put together by your very own fingers.
And when you’re done, you’ll end up with a truly unique décor piece that makes a lovely birthday or Christmas gift.

Packing size: 355 x 240 x 40 mm | 13,97 x 9,44 x 1,57 in
Model size: 129 x 141 x 218 mm | 5,07 x 5,55 x 8,58 in
Weight: 0,9 kg | 31,75 oz