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Wooden Puzzle Colorful Frog 250 Pieces

Wooden Puzzle

Size - 14,75 x 10 in
250 pcs (25 unique)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our intricately crafted Wooden Puzzles, a hidden treasure trove brimming with entertainment, excitement, and knowledge, ready for you to uncover its enigmas. Comprising of 250 meticulously fashioned pieces, each puzzle extends an enjoyable experience that tests your patience and imagination to unprecedented levels. Crafted with expertise and accuracy within the European Union, our puzzles adhere to the highest benchmarks of quality and eco-friendliness. The wooden components not only demonstrate environmental consideration but also durability, ensuring enduring utility and reliability. Every piece has been meticulously shaped to seamlessly interlock, delivering a construction process that is both flawless and satisfying.

Within the assortment of puzzle pieces, you'll encounter 25 distinctively shaped items resembling various animals, injecting an extra dose of marvel and delight. These finely detailed pieces aim to arouse curiosity and cultivate an adoration for nature, thereby amplifying the delight and gratification of your puzzle-solving journey. Upon accomplishment, the puzzle unveils an unconventional silhouette that pays homage to its exceptional design. It deviates from the conventional square or rectangular form, presenting you with a visually striking and noteworthy work of art that is sure to ignite conversations.

Our Wooden Puzzles cater ideally to puzzle enthusiasts in search of a stimulating leisure pursuit. They also present a superb choice for families seeking interactive undertakings that promote collaboration and refine problem-solving aptitudes. Enthusiasts of wildlife and the natural world will especially relish identifying and fitting together the animal-shaped components. In summary, these puzzles are an impeccable match for individuals aged 15 and older, providing a blend of amusement, education, and gratifying moments. Embrace the joy of accomplishing our Wooden Puzzles today!

Certificates 8+ (USA, Canada, EU)
CE, EN-71,
Conforms to ASTM D-4236